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Create your own Pop-Up Shop

Customise. Brand. Impress.

Custom designed

Custom designed and built to fit your exact requirements. With our easy framework system, each POP up SHOP can be transported flat, setup in minutes* and re-used over-and-over.

Your branding

Don’t be shy – put your name on every panel for all the world to see! Your brand is your fashion statement for every customer. We will custom design and brand¬† to suit every campaign and brand guideline.

Attract Customers

First impressions last! Attract and impress your customers from the moment they see you. Whether in a mall, the flea market or an exhibition be sure to make a lasting impression on your customers.

Fashion & Retail

Custom POS, racking & shelving

Visual Branding

Eyes on the prize

Exhibit Yourself

Setup anywhere

Lock ‘n Go

Portable or permanent fixtures

How do I get my POP up SHOP?

To start, we have a few questions for you about your POP up SHOP.
Things like how much floor space you would like to take up, does it need to be portable or permanent, do you need specific lighting, do you need a change room, do you have a corporate image or do we need to create and brand an image/campaign for your shop/product? What will you be selling: fashion, art, jewelry, electronics, food/drink, accessories, service orientated etc? What kind of budget do you have assigned?

Our easy framework solution is ideal for any flea market, exhibition, or pop-up-shop in the local mall that you may need. We will even provide custom racking and shelving solutions, as well as point of sale (POS) displays and divisions for any shopfitting application.

The steel frameworks can be powder coated to any colour*, and we can use any number of available cladding finishes to give you that custom, unique touch that is intrinsically you.

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