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ContraMedia is a creative consultancy.
Contradicting the norm & the everyday monotony.
We help you create the IMAGE you want the world to see, and the HEART you want them to experience.

Media & Business Image Consulting


Graphic Design

Video Editing

Web & E-commerce


Courier Services

Branding & Promotional

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ContraMedia Services

Photography & Video Production

Visual imagery is a vital element of rich content. We shoot original, high-resolution photography and video to complement the copy and design of a campaign. If original visual content isn’t the right choice, we can source and edit appropriate stock photography. Either way, the end result is a professional, crisp piece to capture the attention and interest of your audience.


A fully-formed, comprehensive and professionally-designed website is one of the most important demonstrations of a brand. Your website will likely be the largest piece of collateral your audience is presented with. It’s imperative that your website has unified visuals and consistent messaging.

Our web design processes surpass the typically-available skillset of most creative agencies, allowing us to provide distinct value to our clients when web is integrated into your brand and campaigns.

Logo Design

At the heart of any great campaign is a distinct creative vision. Your brand should have a unified visual identity that’s implemented across all core collateral, from business cards and brochures to signs and wall graphics. This process begins with your logo, an identifying mark that paves the way for your visual strategy.

Graphic Design

Graphic design creates that visual cohesion and applies it to every aspect of your brand, further controlling the message and influencing your audience with sharply tailored colors, graphics to create the correct atmosphere.

Pop-Up Shops

Custom designed and built to fit your exact requirements – first impressions last! Attract and impress your customers from the moment they see you. Whether in a mall, the flea market or an exhibition be sure to make a lasting impression on your customers.


You want a holistic brand that understands its place in the market. A brand that confidently defines its core beliefs and adheres to a unified visual identity in the market place. We identify the most important areas that you brand should be visible so that your customers will always have ‘eyes on the prize’. This is achieved through branded gifts, vehicles, clothing and many other forms of strategic brand placement.

Large Format Media

If you want to sell a product or service, nothing does it more dramatically and effectively than an eye-catching large format display. Depending on your marketing objective, you can choose from these and other wide format products:

  • Billboards
  • Signs for indoor and outdoor display
  • Custom banners for sales, special events and more
  • Storefront graphics to catch your customers’ eye
  • Floor graphics to advertise products where they’re on display
  • Wall graphics for decorative and commercial purposes

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